SACHA MANCHI: Community Film School

SACHA MANCHI is a space that brings together communicators, filmmakers, and filmmakers of the Amazonian peoples: Siona Putumayo, Sekopai, Cofán, Sarayaku, Shuar, Achuar, Sapara, Secoya, Kichwas, who together for the defense of the territory, develop this meeting from the need to weave networks, promote the exchange of knowledge and support the audiovisual creation in territory from the self-representation.

Sacha Manchi is the name of the Ambulant School of Community Cinema for the defense of Amazonian territories that are under serious threat from the imposition of extractive projects, many of them on a large scale.

Within this context is that this meeting of filmmakers, cultural managers, communicators and media collectives belonging to the different Amazonian peoples has been carried out with the aim of developing several audiovisual projects from a reflection on the territory from film, sound and photography. Fluxus Foto was part of this meeting and mediated a documentary photography workshop where participants developed collective visual narratives.

Rapaka Naku, Ñukanchi Allpa (Our Territories) is the photographic essay of collective creation done in the workshop, the result of the workshop with Fluxus Foto. Exercises were proposed to approach the territory from the physical space, from the body and the cosmovision, starting from the relationship with the land, with the beings of the jungle and with fears and feelings of everything that is part of the communities.

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