Devotion: St. Vincent Ferrer of the Skirmishes

The Chuquiribamba parish was founded on April 27, 1911. Chuquiribamba is a rural parish of Loja Canton, located 50km from the city of Loja and has an altitude of 2700m. It was declared a cultural heritage of Ecuador in June 2013.

In Chuquiribamba there is an intense party that is composed of cheerful colors that enliven the streets and fireworks that illuminate the pastel-colored houses and give it that solitary mood.

The atmosphere of the festival is always lived in community, from the production of the festive elements: the diamantina (drink), food, floral arrangements, etc.. The town is filled with its inhabitants, those who live there day by day as well as those who left for other lands. The reason for this festival: the celebration of the patron saint of Chuquiribamba, San Vicente Ferrer.

Understanding that the mood of a party is composed of both joy and silences, invited us to return to see those other scenes that keep the calm before the party, and the breaks between shouts and prayers. To approach in a way that not only shows the essence of the festival, which remains almost intact since it was erected in the early twentieth century, but to show all the new elements that mean it; all those contexts that are joining the context that keeps the people, what belongs to them, what defines them, what represents them.

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