Fluxus Foto is a multidisciplinary collective, made up of visual creators, photographers and photographers who seek to make participation and collective work new opportunities and new territories to tell stories of the reality that surrounds us; we come from the documentary practice mainly, we complement ourselves with the skills and tools that each of the members can contribute to the development of projects, we are in a training process and our proposal, mission and vision is to create space for dissemination and creation from the images, we also seek to create spaces for dissemination and documentary creation for new visual storytellers to develop their stories and create a collective language within the photographic work.


Phone: (+593)995950893.     E-mail: fotofluxus@gmail.com


2020 - Winner of XXVII Jorge Mantilla Ortega Journalism Awards

2020 - The Far-reaching Fallout from COVID-19 collective exhibition in Photoville Festival (New York)

2020 - Grantee of National Geographic COVID-19 Emergency Found for Journalists.

2019 - Slideluck Montevideo Collective Exhibition

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